Terrascope Mission 2020 | Finding solutions to problems in cities around the world today

The Future of Cities

Welcome to the online home of Terrascope Mission 2020! Terrascope is a freshman learning community at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We strive to solve complex, real-world problems. You can read more about us here.

This year we aimed to tackle problems related to the consumption of air, energy, food, space, and water in cities. We present a set of recommendations to solve sustainability and equity problems related to these five urban resources by 2050. Read more about our mission:

“Develop a set of solutions for current cities that present sustainable and equitable solutions to urban consumption by 2050.”

Our goals

To help define the problems and find our solutions, we have set five main goals. By 2050, cities will have to:

  1. Improve global air quality to be in compliance with WHO standards,
  2. Reduce the use of fossil fuels by replacing them with alternative methods of electricity production,
  3. Minimize hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture,
  4. Provide affordable housing for everyone to accommodate a growing population while maintaining a reasonable and sustainable standard of living,
  5. Provide clean, accessible water to all while reducing the ecological impact of water consumption and capital expenditures necessary for water infrastructure.

The path to the ideal city

Under Our Solutions you can find detailed descriptions of the problems we identified in cities around the world and our proposed solutions to combat these problems.

Our Topics

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